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The Vision

How It All Started

My father is a Physician and Surgeon of 35 years. I grew up around his office meeting patients, watching procedures and learning the facets of his profession. One thing that stuck with me about my father is his ability to listen and communicate with his patients.  He always told me growing up to always look at someone in the eyes when you speak to them, or when spoken to. 

Every time I went to visit him he would always bring me in the procedure room and introduce me to his patients. I realized overtime how happy everyone was to see him. I noticed the smiles and laughter he infused within his patients. The care and kindness he showed them.  Most importantly, the passion he had to make their visit not just a service to them but an experience that left a lasting impression. 

Fast forwarding many years later – I am happy to say I developed many of the same characteristics and qualities of my father that led me to where I am today. Dr. Pest Solutions LLC – serves that purpose in creating a vision of making a difference in going beyond the means of service. Our vision is clear; to create an experience for the people we serve to leave a lasting impression of who we are as a rising leader in the pest control industry.

What Keeps Me Motivated

When I first started in the pest industry, it wasn’t by choice. It was rather a career I fell into due to life’s circumstances. However, over time I found myself more engaged in what the pest control world had to offer as a career and not just a job. What was a temporary shift in my life, turned into a passion that shaped the vision of where I am today with Dr. Pest Solutions. 

Over the course of my career in the industry, I fell in love with the process of what I like to call P.S.R. which stands for Problem. Solution. Result. To every problem there is a solution, and to every solution there is a result. Throughout the entire P.S.R. process we as professionals are creating an experience, which in turn, makes a rewarding impact and result for the customer. This is what keeps me motivated on a daily basis. 

What I Am Most Looking Forward To

I am most looking forward to the growth of Dr. Pest Solutions LLC. When my co-partner, Shane and I sat down and discussed the purpose of our company aside from pest control; we made it clear that we wanted to build a culture and brand that stood out from the rest letting our customers know they matter first. We are for the customers and doing what is in their best interest when it comes to pest and home solutions. 


Erik Groat
Dr Pest Solutions LLC


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5.0 Star Rating ★★★★★

5.0 Star Rating ★★★★★

5.0 Star Rating ★★★★★